Dahle Guillotines

Dahle Guillotine Blades FAQ

Eventually with use your Dahle guillotine blade will need to be replaced.
We have stock available for all current Dahle guillotine models and most older types of Dahle guillotine and offer service engineer to fit your blade safely.

Where can I buy a blade for my Dahle guillotine or a Dahle ream cutter blade?

We can supply you directly with a new blade for any current model, and most older models of Dahle guillotine, ream cutter, or trimmer.
Simply contact us on 0845 643 2409 for advice and to order.

Ideally you should quote the 9 digit model number (and revision if available) from the underside of the machine so that we can supply the correct blade.
The number will look like 00.36.00846 A03 for example.

We can ship the blade to you or arrange for an engineer to fit it for you.

Is it safe for anyone to fit a Dahle guillotine blade

For safety reasons you should not attempt blade replacement on any guillotine unless you are competent and experienced.
The replacement process presents high risks and consequences of injury and even finger amputation! as the guards may rendered inoperable and the blades are razor sharp.

If in doubt contact us to discuss.

We offer a blade replacement service on all machines.
Please contact us fon 0845 643 2409 or details.

When will I need to replace my Dahle guillotine blade or Dahle ream cutter blade?

If you find that cutting requires a lot of effort or that the card or paper is not cutting cleanly then it is likely that you need a new Dahle guillotine blade.

With ream cutters (i.e models 842, 846, 848, 852 etc) you may find that the bottom sheets in the stack are not fully cut.

Excessive force needed to cut.
If you find that you are having to put your body weight on the lever then the blade change is overdue!
Only modest force should be required. You should be able to push the lever with pressure from your fingers - not your whole body!
Continuing to use the guillotine with a blunt blade may cause it to break and could cause operator injury including back injury.

How often you need to replace the blade will depend on how much you use your machine and what type of materials are cut.
We have some customers with machines that are serviced with a new blade every few weeks, whereas other may last for months, or years between blade changes.
If you are unsure please callus and we will be able to assist in assessing whether it needs to be changed.

Can I sharpen the existing blade?

We do not generally recommend sharpening the existing blade as they are precision made from very hard Solligen steel and sharpening by most commercial blade sharpeners is not sufficiently precise. The results can be quite variable.

We recommend that you fit a new genuine Dahle blade.
If you want to discuss sharpening as an option please contact us..